By The Piece - Pieces appx. 2.5 square feet


Centipede - $2.50 each    St. Augustine - $2.75 each



By the Pallet -  Available as Pre-Order Only(Subject to Delivery Charge)


Centipede - $230 (500 sq feet)

Palmetto St. Augustine - $265 (400 sq feet)

Empire Zoysia - $300 (450 sq feet)

Celebration Bermuda - $230(450 sq feet)


Refoliated Palmetto $465 (palm only) plus tax

Installation of Palmetto cost vary depending on location and quanity.  Call or stop in for pricing.


*bulk items subject to availability, prices may change, contact the nursery for current pricing at 843-832-4769


Cypress Mulch, available in Black, Brown, Red $34 , natural $36

Screened Top Soil - $28 per yard

*** Please note that our Top Soil comes from a "Pit" not a factory!I  Please understand that sometimes with heavy rain, the soil can be wet, which makes it sometimes harder to screen. When the dirt pits dig their topsoil, they try to remove as much of the bigger material as they can, which is their screening process. They screen the topsoil to remove larger material like stumps, logs, and large debris that a homeowner would not be able to handle or rake out. Some organics are missed. Even though the soil is screened, this is a product of nature that has organics in it. Since the product is not "man-made" or produced in a factory, sometimes they will vary from yard to yard and day by day! This is still "Screened Topsoil" as advertised. If they remove all the organics you would be left with only black sand with no organics or nutrients!!

Fill Dirt - $26 per yard

Top soil $32 a yard

Nursery Potting Mix (bark fines)- $65 per yard 

Sand - $30 per yard

Compost in Bulk - $38 per yard


Pyzique Fire Pit Blocks  -  $3.85 each (14 blocks per row, most firepits are between 3 - 5 rows)

Plantation Granite - $85 per yard

89M Limestone  -  $85 per ton

57, 789 or Duraberm Slag - $85 per yard

57 or 789 Granite - $85 per yard


Long Needle -  $5.50 per bale