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See below for details regarding different types of requests. When you're ready, simply complete the easy request form.

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Consultations are for homeowners and property managers that have a particular problem or set of problems that they need to solve.  We can send one of our project managers to your job site to develop a comprehensive solution to your landscape needs.  The consultation process is designed to provide specific solutions to identified problems.  Drainage issues, grade work, hard scapes or other solution based projects are often discussed during the consultation process. If you would like to have one of our project managers contact you, please fill out the form available below.   


Consultations are billed at $65 per hour.  

Space Planning


Estimates are often the first step in getting a project started.  Sometimes you just need to know how much of something you need and how much it would cost.  If you have the dimensions, we can help tell you how much product you need.  Estimates cover most sod and irrigation jobs as well as mulch or pinestraw installation.  If you just want to start pricing out a project or compare ball park numbers between contractors, an estimate is likely what you need.  There is no cost for estimates, but there is also little time, if any, spent at your jobsite.  If we give an estimate and you decide you want to move forward with the project, we may proceed with a consultation if needed.  Every project is different, so we try to accommodate each customer in a way that addresses their individual needs.

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Landscape Design

Landscape design is just one of the many services we offer, yet it is by far one of our most popular options.  Whether you are building from the ground up, or just moved into a 100-year-old home that needs to be completely updated; we can help!  Landscape designs are all encompassing, from plants and sod to hardscapes and irrigation.  A landscape design is the total package.  We tailor each design to your budget and taste to provide a lasting and enjoyable outdoor living space.    If you would like to chat with a project manager about your landscape design needs, we would be happy to get the dialogue going.  With over 20 years in the industry and a knowledge of all things Low Country, you couldn't be in better hands than with Stacks Nursery and Landscape Design.


Landscape design services range between $150-$500 depending on the scope of work and are subject to the $65 per hour consultation rate as well for time spent on-site.  If not specified, you will get a hand sketch for your design to save cost for your projects.  We believe, your money should be spent on the landscape itself, not the paperwork.  If you would like a landscape computer design, we can accommodate that. Please keep in mind, that this is time consuming, and the fee starts at $300 and goes up depending on project size.  

Want to sign up for a consultation? We would love to hear from you!


For warranty, scheduling information and other basic information about Stacks Nursery and Landscape Design, please click the link below for the information sheet.

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